2 May 2008



Everybody is green or trying to be nowadays. Because it's trendy, because it's real, because there's no other way.

It seems that in order to be greener you have to build the most pharaonic building with the biggest wind turbine on top (Maglev wind turbine, Lighthouse, Bahrain world trade center, etc.); the biggest solar power plant (Mojave desert, Solana Arizona, etc) or build a new city (Rak Gateway, Masdar carbon neutral city, etc.) because the ones we already live in are not green enough.

Why don't we start thinking on a smaller scale and apply it to existing buildings, houses and structures (tunnels, road barriers, etc) to generate energy.

With this approach Nano Vent-skin tries to make existing objects greener with a skin made out of micro wind turbines.

Nano Vent-Skin used on highway tunnels to power the lights.

Nano Vent-Skin used on existing buildings to supply electricity.

Nano Vent-Skin used on road barriers to power the lights, where there is no access to electricity.

NVS wrapped around train tunnels uses the wind generated from the speed of trains to power the lights of the next station.