7 Apr 2008

Why Nano?

Nowadays controversy runs around the topic of scientists playing God in trying to reshape organisms and living things. It’s true that we run the risk of not knowing what the consequences will be. But we have to think as well of all the benefits we are missing out on.

Nature is a 4.5 billion year old research center of trial and error. The more we learn and take advantage of this huge database, the less we run into dead end solutions.

We can’t improve nature. It does this by itself and in a way we will never achieve. It even reinvents itself in order to survive in areas where human kind is trying to destroy it.

NVS is not trying to reinvent or reshape nature. It’s just acting as a merger of different means and approaches into energy absorption and transformation, which will never happen in nature.

For example: a palm tree can never learn from an arctic raspberry bush or a bonsai tree if they never coexist within the same surroundings.

NVS takes advantage of globalized knowledge of different species and resources and turns them into a joint organism where three different ways of absorbing and transforming energy work in symbiosis.

Using nano-manufacturing with bioengineered organisms as a production method, NVS merges different kinds of micro organisms that work together to absorb and transform natural energy from the environment.

What comes out of this merging of living organisms is a skin that transforms two of the most abundant sources of green energy on earth: Sunlight and Wind.

There is another advantage of using living organisms: the absorption of CO2 from the air.